Tuesday, July 24, 2007

YouTube Debate a Joke

The Democratic Presidential hopefuls are so cool and hip that they can connect with the nation through YouTube! Or... they're so desperate for attention and advertising that they will waste thousands of campaign dollars to show they're face on CNN for an hour during a highly hyped debate sponsored by the internet's most popular free speech medium. If their mission was to walk circles around issues and waste the time of the viewers, then mission accomplished. I cannot believe how difficult it is for politicians to answer a question. Each candidate danced around straight answers; it was a joke.

And the bottom line is that every candidate thinks he or she has the right answer to everything. That's not a democracy, that's an autocracy. It will only lead to the inevitable end in which the Democrats will shoot each other before allowing someone other than their self to win the candidacy. I do have shreds of hope for something better, but when I see stuff like this I am burdened with the despair that all politicians are sucked into the downward spiral of the machine.

Still, I am supporting Barack Obama whom I think has the most genuine heart to serve and the most sincere foundation of values; his lack of experience is, in my opinion, an opportunity to regain control of a corrupt system through new personnel and building new bridges rather than old cronyism. For more information, see www.barackobama.com

Barack n' Roll.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Merton Thought...

This is a small excerpt from a book of Thomas Merton's writings. It is a great follow up to some thoughts on the 'Gentle Pantheism' post.

His Paradise and Our Own:

"All nature is meant to make us think of paradise. Woods, fields, valleys, hills, the river and the sea, the clouds travelling across the sky, light and darkness, sun and stars, remind us that the world was first created as a paradise from Adam, and that in spite of his sin and ours, it will once again become a paradise when we are all risen from death in the second Adam.

Heaven is even now mirrored in created things. All God's creatures invite us to forget our vain cares and enter into our own hearts, which God Himself has made to be His paradise and our own. If we have God dwelling within us, making our souls His paradise, then the world around us can also become for us what it was meant to be for Adam - his paradise.

But if we seek paradise outside of ourselves, we cannot have paradise in our hearts. If we have no peace within ourselves, we have no pease with what is all around us. Only the man who is free from attachment finds that creatures have become his friends. When he is pure, they speak to him of God."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Apple, Do Something Constructive Like Make Good Products (Instead of Obnoxious Ads)

I'm getting super tired of Apple and their pretentious, artificial advertising campaign. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple's products - I'm actually updating my iPod on my MacBook Pro as I write this; but I am a bit fatigued by Apple's stupid self-absorbed ads on TV, in magazines and on the internet.
First of all, the arrogance displayed by the Mac vs. PC ads is just annoying (albeit funny at times). Get over yourself, Apple, you've created some crap products too. I happen to know a handful of a billion people who still prefer to use PCs. Secondly, the identity-themed ad campaign is quite possibly the most BS, dishonest (and probably most effective) idea ever. "You are your music" says one ad for iTunes. "Touching is believing" says another for the iPhone. Wow. Talk about a load of crap. Convincing people that they are what they own is not only the biggest load of garbage, but it creates a serious image/self-esteem problem that misses the point completely. Your music does not define you. Your contacts don't impress. "You're not your f***ing khakis." (Tyler Durden, Fight Club)
Ultimately, for a company that wants so desperately to be hip and cool, Apple sounds a lot like the Man.